Bongs refer to the smoking accessories that are used when smoking the pot. The bongs have a rich history in the Caribbean, Middle East, Africa, and Asia. The historians, however, disagree on where the bongs originated. This is because the bong was used differently in various cultures. The height, shape, and size affect how the bongs are used. You can buy cheap bongs by clicking on the active link. Let us look at the ultimate guide when purchasing bongs;

Ultimate guide

The kind of smoking


The kind of smoking that you do should guide you when choosing the ideal bong. Where do you intend to use your bong? Is it a home or you plan to use it when traveling? Do you love smoking publicly or you enjoy doing it while hiding? These are some of the things that will guide you when choosing the ideal bong.

Home or travel

People have different tastes and preferences when it comes to smoking. Whereas there are those who love smoking as they travel, there are those who exclusively smoke from home. If you like smoking as you travel, then choose the portable bong. The portable glass bong should have a thick or strong glass so that it does not easily break. If you intend to only smoke from home, then choose a bigger bong since it is the ideal choice when relaxing. There are lots of advantages of using the bongs;


One of the advantages of the bongs is that they are reusable. After smoking the pot, you only need to clean up the pot and use it the next time you decide to smoke. It is easy to clean the bong depending on the type of bong and the materials at your disposal. If you correctly maintain it, the bong can serve you for many years.

Easy to clean

Another advantage of the bongs is that is easy to clean. The different types of bongs include acrylic, wooden, and glass. The borosilicate glass is the best material when it comes to an ideal bong.

Water filtration


Another advantage of the bong is that it provides water filtration. This is the ultimate game-changer as far as smoking is concerned. The water filtration is great as it helps the smoker to cool down when he is smoking. There are some of the smokers who are usually irritated by the heat when they smoke. If that is the case, this is an ideal type of smoking accessory that you should own.