Having a chainsaw usually simplifies your yard projects. You need to have the right accessories for your chainsaw for it to work at its optimum and ensure you are safe while using it. From the safety gears to the bars, a guide of all your chainsaw needs will help you to shop for the accessories. Here are some of the chainsaw accessories.

Chainsaw chains and bars


The long and round bar made of alloy steel that is wear resistant is called the guide bar. It has slots which guide the car across the surface it is cutting. They are normally in length of 16-36 inches depending on you saw duty.

The cutting chain looks like the bicycle chain. Each segment usually holds the cutters, and they are sharp and has to be handled with gloves. These offer varying gauges and pitches. The depth gauges have to be filled for proper operation of your electric chainsaw. They will guide the cutters on how deep they need to cut when using the machine.

Sharpening and filling accessories

Filling and sharpening accessories are important for maintaining your chainsaw. Sharpening regularly prevents injuries and provide best cuts. You need a filling kit for this purpose because it offers everything that you may need for the purposes of sharpening the chainsaw. File guides, handles, flat and round files are some essential accessories.

Safety chainsaw accessories

Safety has to come first when using this machine. You need to have safety accessories to help you avoid accidents. These safety items include gloves, hearing protection, safety glasses, body gear and helmet systems. It is important to wear fitted clothing when working with your electric chainsaw.safety

Other accessories

If you maintain your electric chainsaw well, then it can last a lifetime. To keep it your machine running, you will need to replace some parts periodically. Parts such as the air filter, clutch, muffler and the sprockets should be replaced periodically for the chainsaw to continue working well.

It is important that you read through the operations manual of your electric chainsaw to know the specific accessories that you require. The manual will explain how and when to replace the parts of your chainsaw. Avoid repairing or replacing the parts without having your safety gadget on. Ensure that you use the right parts for your model of the electric chainsaw.