One of the things that men experience when they reach puberty is the growth of beards. Just like any other type of hair, the beard is to be trimmed regularly for the men to look presentable. To trim your beards, you may go to a barber’s shop, or you may do it yourself if you have the right tools. It is, therefore, ideal that you invest in a good beard trimmer. Several beard trimmers in the market come in different sizes and shapes. For the best shaver for men click on the highlighted link. Let us look at the factors to consider when selecting the ideal beard shaver;


Quality of the blades


The blades are critical in the type of beard shaver that you choose since they are the ones that will do the actual act of cutting the beards. The quality of the blades of the beard shaver is, therefore, critical when choosing the beard trimmer. The better the quality of the blades the better the beard shaver.

Comb sizes

Other than the blades the beard shavers have the combs whose role is to comb the beards. The comb size of the beard shaver is also a critical factor when choosing the right type of the beard trimmer. The beard shaver usually comes with different comb sizes. This is to help comb the beards of different sizes before and during the shaving process. The length of your beard will determine what comb length you will use.

Mode of operation

There are two modes of operation as far as the beard shavers are concerned. There are those that are operated manually whereas there are those that are electronically managed. The manual beard shavers are being phased out. The electric beard shavers are the most popular beard shavers at the moment.


Some beard shavers are waterproof whereas others are not. The waterproof ones are the best because they provide you with lots of options when shaving. For instance, you can shave with an electronic beard shaver while in the shower, unlike one that is not waterproof. Care should be observed when using a beard shaver especially the waterproof ones.

Comfort and shape


The comfortability and shape of the beard shaver is another critical factor to consider when choosing the ideal beard shaver. You should purchase that which is convenient and offers you much comfort as you need. An ergonomic design of the beard is therefore critical since you need a perfect handle. This will help you have a firm grip on the beard trimmer when you are using it. Hence, a perfect shape of the handle, ergonomic design is a must. This ensures that the trimmer doesn’t slip off. A rubber grip is even further useful as it will offer a greater hold. Watch the video below on some of the best beard trimmers;